Existing ICT Environment in EFL Classes and EFL Instructors’ Use of ICT

  • Aydan Irgatoğlu BASKENT UNIVERSITY


This study aims to discuss the existing ICT environment in preparatory schools of two foundation universities in Ankara, EFL instructors’ use of ICT in their classes and the factors influencing the use of ICT. To this end, a descriptive study was designed and carried out with 190 EFL instructors working at preparatory schools of two foundation universities in Ankara. In the course of the study, relevant literature was reviewed, and two research instruments that would be used to collect the data were chosen accordingly. These instruments including a questionnaire for EFL instructors and unstructured interviews with 5 EFL instructors were used to collect data. The quantitative data collected through questionnaires were analysed through SPSS 22, and the qualitative data collected through the interviews with instructors were analysed through in depth content analysis technique for triangulation. The analysis of the data showed that although foundation universities are expected to be well-equipped, there are not enough ICT tools and internet access in the classrooms. Additionally, most of the instructors considered ICT as a valuable tool and used ICT mostly in classroom for drill and practice, explaining new knowledge and presentation of works while little communicative use of ICT was detected among the instructors. In terms of factors motivating EFL instructors to use ICT in their teaching, the opportunity of providing authentic materials was considered as the most motivating factor while, lack of technical support and encouragement, lack of computers and resources, and heavy pressure of exams were considered as the most preventing factors.

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