An Overview of Self-Regulated Learning Models

  • Gönül Kurt Erhan Başkent University


In recent years, the concept of self-regulation of learning and performance has been accruing attention among educational researchers. The importance of learners who direct their own acquisition of knowledge and skill has also been stressed by educational instructors. Thus, as an emerging topic of integrated research, many theories and models have been formed to identify the self-regulated learning (SRL) process. The purpose of this article is to present the most up-to-date approaches which are Zimmerman, Pintrich, Winne & Hadwin and Boekaerts's SRL models in the light of the studies conducted in the last three decades. With this purpose, it is aimed to represent an overall view of how each model defines SRL and which components each model consists of. The final section of the article discusses the common and different aspects of the four main SRL models.

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